Hank the Texas Cow Dog

Every family has that one dog. The dog who never dies but lives on forever in that aching summertime part of your soul where even the briefest memory of times past can bring a smile to your lips or mist the eyes of the old man. The canine love of your life. In our family, that dog was Hank. A burly, tail swinging Golden Retriever, Hank the Texas Cow Dog could put his lion head against your own and see right into your heart.  His Aurelian coat soaked up laughter and tears in equal measure. He knew exactly who needed attention and who needed protecting. He made people feel special and seemed to sense exactly when they needed that extra snuggle or even a well placed slobbery lick. If you were sick, if you were sad, he slept with you until you were well. And he knew when you needed to be welcomed home, no matter how late the hour. Hank was raised by a loving family and though he passed from cancer at just ten years of age, his was a full life of joy and love. Every dog deserves a loving family. And every loving family deserves a Hank.

Hank’s Flights is dedicated to honoring the memory of a beautiful friend who lived to make others happy by making them feel at home.

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